MIG 2021 introduces itself!

MIG, the International Artisan Gelato Exhibition after over 60 years of growth, fame and success, this year will be safer than ever, in favour of the rigorous anti-Covid-19 protocol for safety and health of all the people. Absolutely revolutionary, MIG will be plastic free and green. Sustainability  will be the heart of the core business with a new goal: to highlight the bond between man and nature, through the concept of traceability of the ingredients, of the following processing phases, up to the finished product ready to be sold.

 In fact, for the first time MIG will reward companies for their eco-friendly projects with the 1st Green Award 2021 and will deal with the topics of the incentives provided in Italy for Industry 4.0 and in Germany for saving CO2 emissions: this could be an exceptional opportunity for anyone who decides to buy machinery, refrigerators, water economizers.  

In addition of what explained before there will be also consultancy for financial services and several awards and competitions such as: 51° concorso internazionale Coppa d'Oro gusto Limone base acqua - the 51st international Gold Cup water-based lemon taste competition; Gelato a dueIce cream for two - International MIG 2021, 25° Premio Mastri gelatieri - 25th Gelato Makers Award, 19° Premio Gelaterie in Web - 19th Web Gelato Award and the new competition:  "Una pralina in gelateria - A praline in ice cream parlours". In fact among the news o MIG 2021 there will be an active area completely dedicated to pastry and chocolate in ice cream parlours. Pastry and chocolate in fact are a precious integration of the offer during the winter season.

Therefore, MIG 2021 will create the best conditions for companies to present machinery, equipment and products for chocolate making, in addition, various demonstrations related to the production, sale and packaging of the sovereign ingredient of winter sweets.